Kitchen Progress- Almost Complete!



For the past few days Nate and I have been working like crazy on the kitchen and now we are finally able to see some fruits to our labor.

Things we’ve accomplished since Sunday:

1) Attached new hinges and hardware to cabinet doors.

2) Attached doors back on to cabinet boxes.

3) Installed new dishwasher

4) Finished installing butcher block countertops

5) Installed a new range hood

6) Installed beadboard on sink side as a backsplash.

Things still on the to do list:

1) Install beadboard behind range and ends of cabinets

2) Spackle and paint beadboard

3) Install crown molding and trim pieces

4) Paint ceiling

For now I am just happy to be able to put all of my dishes back in place and bring order back to my house after several months.

It truly is amazing how much paint can transform a room. We love looking at the progress we’ve made so far.

Our kitchen started out like this:





And now looks like this:





So much better already! Once we have completely finished our renovation I will be going through all of my receipts in order to break down all of the costs involved in our makeover. That will be interesting for sure since I have no idea what the total cost will come out to. 🙂


Hours #18 and #19

Hour #18:

Board and batten is up, nail holes are spackled and sanded! The sanding created quite the mess and the cats felt the need to roll around in it and track it throughout the house. 


Here is Chloe hanging out in the mess, she made sure to bring her toy along as well. 

Check out the completed boards up in the room:


Hour #19:

The walls finally got some color! Today I painted the space above the boards. I decided to go with “Plumage” by Martha Stewart. 


Can’t wait to get the bottom half painted tomorrow!

Cheers to hours 18 and 19!




January 4th- Hour #4

Today’s hour was spent between painting my good will mirror and organizing.

First, I used a baby roller to roll my chosen paint color onto the raised sections of the mirror. However, my roller got a little too excited and paint ended up on the middle sections, something I was hoping to avoid. Also, as a side note I totally should have sanded the raised sections before painting (duh!). My “primer” was too glossy and the paint was having trouble adhering to the glossy surface. Here it is after one coat:


See all the splotches of paint in between? Such a pain. As for the color I used a glidden sample base that was color matched to Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray. It ended up looking more beige than I expected, but it is a nice color nonetheless. I am also thinking about using this color in the house so this was also a color trial run for me.

After taking a quick nap, I headed out to Home Depot to pick up a small painting brush to fill in those nooks and crannies with white. Ok, I also made a pit stop at good will. I admit it, I have a problem! 

Once I got back home I started my touch ups and realized that the brushes I purchased were super crappy (Thanks HD!). They were the only ones available at the store so I made do. Here’s what I ended up with:



Still have tons of little areas that will need more touching up, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. (Only two days left in my vacation! Boo!)

My second project involved organizing clutter that had been haphazardly thrown into boxes in our office closet. The boxes drove me crazy because I could never find anything. I figured a dresser would be a good solution and luckily Nate’s parents were willing to hand down his old dresser to us. I got to organizing and was able to get everything in it’s place fairly quickly. Here’s the dresser, which I love!


Drawer #1 contains all of my arts and crafts supplies as well as misc cards and envelopes:



Drawer #2 Contains Holiday items (mostly Fourth of July and birthday decor)



Drawer #3 contains misc decor (read: good will junk that I pick up) and drawer liners



Drawer #4 contains table setting items


And finally drawer #5 contains all of my candles



I think I did pretty well for day four of my resolution!