1K-ish Kitchen Renovation (The Budget Breakdown)

Since we are nearing the finish line in the kitchen I figured it was time for a budget breakdown. Before I share the $$ spent on this project, I thought it would be interesting to look at the picture of the kitchen that was used when this house was on the market and compare it to what we’ve accomplished so far:

2012 listing picture:

kitchen before

2013 90% finished:


A few more before and afters:





Still on the TO DO List: Toe kicks, trim, and painting.

Here’s what we’ve spent so far:

  1. Cabinet Primer: $20
  2. Cabinet Coat Paint (White): $50
  3. Cabinet Pulls: $104
  4. New Hinges: $58
  5. Oak Countertops: $387
  6. Butcher Block Wax: $9
  7. Apron Sink: $90
  8. Faucet: $218
  9. Pendant Light: $70
  10. Beadboard (backsplash & cabinet ends): $79
  11. Ceiling Light: $50
  12. Misc Materials: $250 (Includes palm sander, sandpaper, paint brushes, liquid nails, heat gun, nails, GFCI Outlets, etc.

TOTAL: $1,385


Fridge: $1,000

Dishwasher: $360

Range Hood: $100

Total: $1,460

I think we did pretty well for our little kitchen makeover! 🙂


Kitchen Progress- Almost Complete!



For the past few days Nate and I have been working like crazy on the kitchen and now we are finally able to see some fruits to our labor.

Things we’ve accomplished since Sunday:

1) Attached new hinges and hardware to cabinet doors.

2) Attached doors back on to cabinet boxes.

3) Installed new dishwasher

4) Finished installing butcher block countertops

5) Installed a new range hood

6) Installed beadboard on sink side as a backsplash.

Things still on the to do list:

1) Install beadboard behind range and ends of cabinets

2) Spackle and paint beadboard

3) Install crown molding and trim pieces

4) Paint ceiling

For now I am just happy to be able to put all of my dishes back in place and bring order back to my house after several months.

It truly is amazing how much paint can transform a room. We love looking at the progress we’ve made so far.

Our kitchen started out like this:





And now looks like this:





So much better already! Once we have completely finished our renovation I will be going through all of my receipts in order to break down all of the costs involved in our makeover. That will be interesting for sure since I have no idea what the total cost will come out to. 🙂