Our Lucky Day!

Yesterday we planned a trip to Ikea to pick up our countertops and DOMSJO apron sink. We had made arrangements with Nate’s parents to use their truck in order to haul everything home. (We had already learned our lesson in regards to going to ikea without a truck!)


Before leaving I made up a quick shopping list through ikea.com and that’s when I saw this:



It had been in stock the night before so needless to say I was very upset.

We headed out to Ikea anyway since we needed the truck for the countertops and those were definitely in stock.

We ended up going with the Numerar butcher block in oak.

After arriving at Ikea and placing my countertop order, Nate suggested we check out the ‘As Is’ section. It was there that the heavens opened up and the Ikea Gods smiled down upon us. There, on the back wall was my DOMSJO sink in perfect condition and for half off!



Nate stood guard while I ran for a cart. We felt like we had hit the jackpot. Smiling ear to ear, we rolled our baby to the register.

After the Ikea miracle we figured we would test our luck once again at a different Home Depot in hopes that our perfect faucet would be in stock. I called ahead since my app was showing only two available, meaning there was only one plus the floor model. The guy I spoke with said they were out of stock Wah! I thought our luck had run out, and then my phone rang. It was the Home Depot guy I had just spoken with. He said they had one left and pulled it for us to pick up at the desk. Sweet!

We figured we would keep testing our luck and headed to Lowes to look at some dishwashers. (It would be much easier to change out our dishwasher without countertops in place.)

We had our eyes on this dishwasher:


Online it was listed as $399 so when we were at the store and it was priced at $449 we asked for a price check. When the guy put in the model # the price popped up as $349. What the what! We seriously should’ve played the lotto. We placed our order and scheduled delivery.

Thoroughly exhausted, we headed home with our loot.

Nate worked like a mad man to get the sink, faucet, and some countertops installed the same night. We also removed the old dishwasher while we were at it.

Here’s where we’re at today:



I am now thinking that I am going to replace the pendant light over the sink with something less visually “heavy” in order to let the sink/faucet be the focal point. This picture just doesn’t do the new counters justice. They are a beautiful color and they give so much warmth to the room.

Here’s a side by side comparison of our progress:



I am loving this view:



Kitchen Faucet Hunting

Cabinet Update: First coat of Cabinet Coat paint is on and the doors are currently drying in the sun room!! YAY! FYI the Cabinet Coat paint is amazing and really does dry to an almost factory finish.

Now on to the topic at hand: Kitchen faucet shopping.

Because we are going to attempt to install the IKEA DOMSJO sink we needed to find a faucet that met very specific qualifications:


Our Faucet Specifications:

1) Needs to be a one hole installation (I am not comfortable drilling additional holes in the sink although I’ve heard it can be done).

2) Since there’s no hole for a side sprayer it needs to be some sort of pull down or pull out spout with spray option.

3) Spout reach needs to be at least 8 inches to reach all corners of the sink.

4) Good customer reviews (at least 4 out of 5 stars).

5) $200ish

My first inclination was to look for a faucet at Ikea, but their only spray faucets were either too expensive or didn’t spray.

faucet post3

Ikea GLITTRAN $149- I absolutely love this style and price, however there is no sprayer and for us it just wouldn’t be practical considering how much we use our current sprayer in the kitchen.

faucet post2

Ikea ELVERDAM $179- I also love this style and the spout does pull down, however there is no spray option and I read some negative reviews in regards to the water pressure.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with the Ikea options. It was on to Home Depot which is right down the road, making it convenient should we ever have to return or exchange the faucet that we decide to go with.

After sifting through tons of reviews and information I decided (or thought I decided) to go with a simple model from HD:

faucet post 5

American Standard Fairbury $129- This faucet met all of my requirements and the sleek lines really won me over (not to mention the price).

Off to Home Depot we went to check out this beauty in person. It definitely looked great and I gave the spout a good tug and let go. Much to our surprise the spout flew back up snapping off pieces of the plastic grommet at the top of the neck. Needless to say I didn’t feel comfortable spending over $100 on a product that would break that easily.

After that experience, we went through the models, tugging, pulling, and scanning barcodes to read reviews (Love my Home Depot App!). After some time we finally decided on two contenders:

faucet post6

Moen Benton $198- Excellent reviews and met all of our requirements.

faucet post4

Moen Lindley $218- Just over our budget, but we loved the look. This faucet felt like it would fit in better with the country look we are going for, especially with the apron sink. Spending $18 more to get the look I wanted seems completely worth it to me! 🙂


Ready to pull the trigger on the faucet purchase, we looked for our cargo on the shelves…..only to find an empty spot where our precious faucet was supposed to be 😦 Apparently the one that was listed in stock is the model. Wah! Hopefully we’ll just pick it up at a different store.

Tomorrow we will also be picking up:

1) Our new countertops

2) Our apron sink

3) Beadboard backsplash

Our budget kitchen reno is definitely underway.