Thrifting Finds

Today I needed to get away from the disaster zone that is our kitchen and get my thrift store fix. So far there hasn’t been much progress besides removing the backsplash on one side.



We are moving along slowly but surely.

Back to my thrift finds, here’s what I managed to snag today from Goodwill and a vintage shop in the downtown area.



First, I found these cute Churchill blue willow china cups at Goodwill. I don’t think I really got them for a steal ($2.88 a cup) but I love having a matching set of cups for my coffee bar.

Next, I stopped at my favorite vintage shop in my little downtown area. It’s called Ella’s What Not Shop and Ella just happens to be the cutest little puppy that hangs out in the shop.

Their facebook page:



I bought the TEA cup ($5) that is now up on my coffee bar, as well as this cool little vintage looking frame ($3). I had been looking for a small oval frame for a while so this fit the bill perfectly. Still need to figure out where it’s new home will be.


Finally, I snagged a gorgeous vintage looking globe with a wooden base ($20). It now sits on top of the library along with my mini globe from homegoods and my light up globe from Goodwill.



My goal it to fill the top of the library with globes, similar to this picture I found on Pinterest, although it looks like it’s from an IKEA catalog.



Another inspiration pic:



Okay, I need to stop procrastinating and start tackling the monster that is our kitchen renovation. Hopefully we will have more progress to share soon!




Little Updates

*House Tour Page is now updated!*

Other small updates to share:

Entryway got a new rug and mirror:


This striped rug was $3 at Target. I really couldn’t resist!


Mirror, also from Target. I’ve had this mirror for a while but couldn’t figure out where to put it. It looks nice in the entryway so we will have to see if that is where it will stay.

Added a small globe from Home Goods to go along with my Good Will globe. I would love to keep adding to this collection and I love how the colors match perfectly with the chair pillows and blue and green vases (also from Home Goods).


Plate Wall got a new addition. Found it at a local antique shop and it is stamped Norway. I was smitten by the pattern. I have a couple  more additions to the wall but I am waiting for proper hardware to hang them.




I started to work on my gallery wall in the sitting room. I’m not sure how I feel about it, so we will see how this evolves.




I finally splurged on the Ikea kitchen cart that I have been coveting. They always seem to be sold out of this model so I was ecstatic when I found out they were available the day I was there. She was definitely a pain to put together, but oh so pretty to look at! The color matches my globes and vases perfectly as well.


Finally, I picked up two of the Ikea Vivan Curtains for the sitting area. They are so much lighter and prettier than the more expensive curtains that I had up before. I love sitting at the table and looking up at the sunshine flowing through these beauties.



Starbuck says hello from the linen closet. 🙂