Kitchen Phases

We’ve finally started on the kitchen! This weekend we finished taking the doors and hardware off and began to sand.

Our cabinets look exactly like the cabinets in this blog:

As I was sanding the very first door, we realized that the sanding was not having much effect on the laminate. I changed to a lower grit and kept right on sanding. Then a funny thing happened. I noticed the corner of the laminate starting to peel up, so I gave it a tug and the entire laminate sheet peeled off to reveal actual wood underneath.



Here I am holding up that fateful piece of laminate.

From there we tried to continue removing the laminate from the remaining doors. Of course it was absolutely impossible to do. Then we realized that the solution was heat. Obviously, the continuous sanding on the first door had warmed up the glue enough to release the laminate. From there we used a heat gun and the laminate sheets came off like butter.



Here’s Nate demonstrating our technique for removing the laminate strips.



We have been removing a little each night after work. We are hoping to have all of the laminate removed by this weekend so that we can spend some time patching holes and sanding.



Here’s an up close look at a cabinet that has half of the laminate stripped. (Please ignore the mess inside!)

So that’s the kitchen progress so far.

I am hoping to complete our kitchen face lift in three phases:

Phase #1- Paint cabinets and replace hardware.

Phase #2- Replace counter top and backsplash.

Phase #3- Finishing touches, flooring options to cover hideous tile, replace appliances (dishwasher, stove, and microwave)


House In Progress

Next month we will have lived in the house for a year. With this upcoming anniversary I thought it would be neat to document what we’ve done and what still needs to be accomplished in each room. This post is completely inspired by Young House Love’s recent progress post.

Here we go!

Entrance- 70% Complete







To Do List:

1.) Paint

2.) DIY Board and Batten

3.) Paint Door

4.) Replace door hardware

5.) Taller entrance table

6.) Replace and add entrance artwork

7.) Add crown molding


Sitting Room- 65%





To Do List:

1.) Replace carpet with laminate

2.) Paint trim white

3.) Hang curtains

4.) Create Library

5.) Hang artwork and mirror

6.) Rugs

7.) Reading chair?

8.) Coffee table?

Dining Room- 70% Complete





To Do:

1.) Replace carpet with laminate

2.) Create coffee bar

3.) Replace dining table and chairs

4.) Replace chandelier

5.) Reorganize coffee bar

6.) Complete plate wall collection

7.) Add rug

Kitchen- 10% complete



To Do:

1.) Replace light fixtures

2.) Replace faucet and garbage disposal

3.) Replace Fridge

4.) Tear down backsplash and replace with tile

5.) Replace countertops

6.) Paint cabinets

7.) Replace cabinet hardware

8.) Replace stove, dishwasher, and microwave

9.) Paint ceiling

10.) Remove island? (Still deciding based on countertops)

11.) Renovate pantry closet

Family Room- 20% complete



To Do:

1.) Replace carpet with laminate

2.) Paint trim white

3.) Paint walls  (hate the color, will be repainting soon)

4.) Mount TV on wall

5.) Paint beams white

6.) Replace couch, chair, and coffee table

7.) Replace rug

8.) Hang artwork

9.) Replace fan with light fixture?

Guest Bath- 10% complete



To Do:

1.) Replace shower curtain

2.) Take down window valence and replace

3.) Clean out vanity and paint

4.) Frame mirror

5.) Replace shower head

6.) Replace towel rack

7.) Paint!

8.) Hang art

9.) Move litter box?

Guest Room #1- 85% complete






To Do:

1.) Replace carpet with laminate

2.) DIY Board and Batten

3.) Paint

4.) Hang curtains

5.) Buy furniture (bed and dresser)

6.) Bedding and pillows

7.) Art

8.) Rug

9.) Closet doors

10.) Replace fan with light fixture.

Guest Bed #2- 65% completed



To Do:

1.) Replace carpet with laminate

2.) Organize room clutter

3.) Textiles

4.) Hang art

5.) buy a desk?

6.) Rug

7.) Replace light fixture

8.) Reading chair/nook

9.) Paint trim

Master Bedroom- 30% complete



To Do:

1.) Replace carpet with laminate

2.) Paint trim and doors white

3.) Add pet door to sliding glass door

4.) Replace bedding

5.) Replace nightstands and lamps

6.) Hang art

7.) Repaint walls

8.) Renovate closet

9.) Add reading nook

Master Bath- 10% done



To Do:

1.) Replace showerhead

2.) Paint walls!

3.) Paint or replace vanity and hardware

4.) Frame mirror

5.) Replace ventilation system

6.) Hang art

7.) Replace light fixture

8.) Replace blinds

Sunroom- 0% completed



To Do:

1.) Paint walls!

2.) Replace window blinds

3.) Paint trim and door white

4.) Add artwork

5.) Rug

6.) Cat playarea

7.) Lounge area

8.) Storage area

Misc. Closets (3)-

1.) Replace patch of carpet

2.) reorganize shelving and paint


1.) Reorganize and sell unwanted items

2.) Deep Clean

3.) Laundry nook: clean out shelves, tear out/replace sink, replace washer and dryer, flooring, and paint.

There we go. Our house progress 11 months in.

Hour #20- Productive Paint Day

After two full days of painting, I am finally starting to see the finish line. Check out today’s progress:




I also took the time to paint inside the closet and I love it! The dark color really makes the closet seem much larger than before. 

In between waiting for coats of paint to dry, I searched high and low on craigslist, ikea, and several other places for bedding options. So far nothing worth while has come up and it’s been pretty frustrating. Hoping things will come together so that we can finish up this room by the end of the month. Cheers to hour #20!

Hours #18 and #19

Hour #18:

Board and batten is up, nail holes are spackled and sanded! The sanding created quite the mess and the cats felt the need to roll around in it and track it throughout the house. 


Here is Chloe hanging out in the mess, she made sure to bring her toy along as well. 

Check out the completed boards up in the room:


Hour #19:

The walls finally got some color! Today I painted the space above the boards. I decided to go with “Plumage” by Martha Stewart. 


Can’t wait to get the bottom half painted tomorrow!

Cheers to hours 18 and 19!




Hour #16- Working the Walls

We’ve officially started the board and batten process in the guest room! Check out today’s progress:





As for the pain department, a final decision as yet to be reached. I did however eliminate Stormy Sky, but then ended up liking Plumage after seeing a sample on the wall (yes, I did get more samples from Home Depot).

So now there are two:



On the bottom left is Evening Dove by Benjamin Moore and at the top right is Plumage by Martha Stewart.

Cheers to hour #16!