My Sort of DIY Face Vase

Since I started following Making it lovely, I fell in love with her funky male and female bust vases. Check them out here and here. I love that her husband called them “chia pets for hipsters.”


However, I don’t have an extra $300 lying around to spend on a couple vases. So I went on a mission to try and find something similar that would be more in my price range.

Here’s what I found:

1) Jonathan Adler design


Found here but couldn’t find a price.

2) West End’s Ceramic head found here– $59


3) Piero Fornasetti perpetual face vase- found on ebay for around $99


4) A cute owl vase! Found here for $23.99!

owl vase

I have to say that the owl vase is by far my favorite and I could kick myself for not getting the one I saw at HomeGoods for less than $10. (I’ve gone back since and haven’t had any luck finding it again.)

Here’s where the DIY part comes in:

I happened to be in Ross today and I did a double take when I saw this vase:


It reminded me of the fornasetti perpetual face vase and for $10 I figured I wasn’t losing much if it didn’t work out.

I loved the perpetual faces, I didn’t love the color or texture above the faces. I was looking for a little more modern art and a little less hindu god.

I decided to experiment and out came the palm sander.


Sorry Shiva or whoever you are.

It took quite a while to sand out all of the texture at the top part of the vase and it’s no where near perfect but it turned out OK considering.

Once it was completely sanded I brought out the paint:


Here’s how it looks now:


You can see there is still a little texture variation at the top so I may have to go back and re-sand but we’ll see. I also may add a stripe of color to the top but I still haven’t decided. I’m pretty happy with it considering it cost me less than $20. Love my hipster chia pet 🙂


I have since painted the face vase a bronze color to match the dining room light fixture.

IMG_2270[1] IMG_2269[1]


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