Chalkboard Challenge

After my gallery wall fail, I decided to make Nate photoshop some ideas for this particular wall in the sitting room (the one behind the chair on the left):


At first I thought that two simple prints might be nice, but then I started to look at the colors in this room and thought that a large map might be nice. I asked Nate to photo shop a map on the wall and even threw in a chalkboard for good measure.

Here’s what he came up with:



We both liked the map, but I couldn’t get over the idea of having a chalkboard in this room. Picture a welcome message for guests, holiday or birthday messages, love notes, even a chalk fire for Christmas time.

I started to search for some viable options online and I started out looking at maps. In short, I couldn’t find the right size/color/price that I was looking for. Maps were out and the chalkboard idea was in!

While enjoying a traditional Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!) I mentioned to Nate the chalkboard that YHL had created a few months ago. I wanted something similar, except ours would hang horizontally instead of leaning vertically like theirs.



We headed off to Home Depot for supplies (see budget breakdown below), and within a few hours Nate had put the main components together!



I just love having a handy boyfriend! In the above picture the wood had already been sanded and stained (Minwax Jacobean).

Later, I painted the middle with Chalkboard paint.

Here she is in the process of drying:



Can says I have to wait three days before we can write on it. Boo. Nonetheless, I am super excited to have a Welcome message up for my family visit this weekend!

Here’s a quick budget breakdown of this project:

1.) Two 1X3-8FT boards $2.90

2.) One MDF panel for the back $5.97

3.) Wood screws $3.88

4.) Minwax finish in Jacobean $4.78

5.) Chalkboard paint $9.67

Tax 1.91

Total= $29.11 <—Not bad for a 2X4 feet chalkboard with a nice wood stained frame!

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this project. It was quick and easy and will be something that we can use for years to come!

Happy St. Patty’s Day!




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