Gallery Wall Fail


I had such high hopes for my gallery wall in the sitting room. Sometimes things just don’t feel right when they are done and my gallery wall was one of those things. I don’t know if it was the mix of frames that I used, but no matter what I did my gallery of pictures just looked clunky, cluttered, and out of place. Not too mention, when I took a step back it felt like the frames were competing with my plate wall. There was just too much going on!



My first attempt: Not bad but felt like it needed more.




After hours of arranging and straightening they still didn’t feel right.

This is when I decided that this just wasn’t going to work, at least not in this room.

My poor wall after my indecisiveness:


While the spackle dries and I get ready to paint over the spackle spots, I am currently browsing some prints that I think would look nice in here. While the nails were still up I experimented with two different sized ikea frames and the larger one was perfect. Two 11X14 prints fit perfectly and don’t complete with the shelves or plate wall. It also looks much cleaner and more streamlined.

Some prints that I am considering:

IMG_0920[1] IMG_0922[1] IMG_0921[1]

Also loving some of the posters over at urban outfitters:

Overall, I am glad that the crazy gallery wall is down. I would never want something up in my house that I don’t absolutely love. If it doesn’t make me smile then I don’t want to see it everyday. My gallery wall experience made me realize that not everything in a design book or blog is going to “fit” my house or my style. I am thankful for the learning experience and am realizing that I actually enjoy this whole trial and error thing when it comes to decorating. Sometimes you get this burst of inspiration and realize that something you had sitting around would be perfect in another space or use. I am in love with this whole process and it makes me excited to think about all the possibilities that my house holds!





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