Little Updates

*House Tour Page is now updated!*

Other small updates to share:

Entryway got a new rug and mirror:


This striped rug was $3 at Target. I really couldn’t resist!


Mirror, also from Target. I’ve had this mirror for a while but couldn’t figure out where to put it. It looks nice in the entryway so we will have to see if that is where it will stay.

Added a small globe from Home Goods to go along with my Good Will globe. I would love to keep adding to this collection and I love how the colors match perfectly with the chair pillows and blue and green vases (also from Home Goods).


Plate Wall got a new addition. Found it at a local antique shop and it is stamped Norway. I was smitten by the pattern. I have a couple  more additions to the wall but I am waiting for proper hardware to hang them.




I started to work on my gallery wall in the sitting room. I’m not sure how I feel about it, so we will see how this evolves.




I finally splurged on the Ikea kitchen cart that I have been coveting. They always seem to be sold out of this model so I was ecstatic when I found out they were available the day I was there. She was definitely a pain to put together, but oh so pretty to look at! The color matches my globes and vases perfectly as well.


Finally, I picked up two of the Ikea Vivan Curtains for the sitting area. They are so much lighter and prettier than the more expensive curtains that I had up before. I love sitting at the table and looking up at the sunshine flowing through these beauties.



Starbuck says hello from the linen closet. 🙂


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