Hours 55-60: Sunday Shuffling

Today I realized that my life is in a constant state of revolving “stuff.” We are constantly shuffling stuff from one room to the next and then back again as we renovate each area. I guess that is the price we pay for living in a fixer upper.

Today, I finally started to clear out the guest room that was filled with stuff from the second guest room while we replaced the floors. Now that the floors are done it was time to shuffle more stuff. Of course, now that we have the library up I was able to move many items in there. Things that I plan on selling or giving away were put in the garage. Poor Nate, as soon as he clears the garage I fill it right back up with junk.

Anyways, at least our pile of stuff seems to get smaller as we shuffle from room to room.

In the middle of my shuffle I decided that the piano needed a new home:


I am liking its new spot.

After moving the piano we finally put together the Ikea Hemnes dresser that has been sitting in its boxes since we got it last week.



Several hours later:


That cord is from the TV that Nate mounted to the wall. Still trying to figure out a way to hide  it.

Some overdue guest room pictures (still experimenting with bedding I had on hand):


Starbuck seems to like the new room.


I definitely need another day in the weekend! Cheers to this week hopefully going by quickly!


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