Hours 52-54: Paint, inspiration, and trees

My Saturday can be summed up in one word: Paint.

First, I painted several pieces of trim for the guest rooms.



You can see the mirror that also got a coat of white paint while I had everything out. I’ll share before and after pics once I know where it will end up.


At least I had cute company while I worked!  🙂

Next, I spray painted a twin bed frame that I picked up for $9 off of a yard sale site. It was exactly what I was looking for considering I didn’t have a boxspring and I needed something that would fit a trundle bed underneath.

Here’s what the frame looked like before:


And here’s an in progress shot of the frame being painted (this was after 1-2 coats of a white semi-gloss spray paint).


After 3.5 cans of paint it was finally done and is currently drying in the sunroom. Hoping to put it together sometime tomorrow.

Finally, I painted the patched up wall spots in the second guest room as well as a few closet trim pieces that needed a coat of paint.

And that concludes my paint party.

Check out two of my inspiration photos that I spotted on my Instagram feed. I seem to be drawn to globes and maps.



Love the green lamp with the maps and I love the display above the piano (I would like to set up something similar above our piano). I already got my first globe from Good Will the other day so I am excited to add to another collection.


In other news, we also had our oak trees in the front yard trimmed and it has definitely made a major impact.

Still lots to do in the guest rooms… can the weekend please be longer? 🙂


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