Hours 41-51: Playing Catch Up

Some major updates to share! 

The second guest room is now sporting the new laminate floors and they look great! Pictures will be up shortly. 

During Presidents Day weekend I had planned on using the extra day off to get some work done in the guest rooms, however, I ended up doing nothing of the sort. 🙂

I found myself at HomeGoods, Ikea, and several antique shops in the downtown area. I really didn’t have anything in particular to shop for, but I quickly found myself drawn to several plates with pretty blue and white patterns. At the end of it all I found myself with this amazing assortment of dishes:


I couldn’t wait to hang them up above the new dining room table. After a quick trip to Home Depot for some plate hangers, I was ready to go.

Check out my plates in their new home:



I think they look especially pretty with my Valentine’s Day Tulips! You may have noticed the new chairs and chandeliers as well. I think the dining room is coming along nicely and I can’t wait to add to my plate collection as well as replace the table runner with something more neutral. 

Besides the dining area, we also made some changes to the sitting area. I moved the piano to where the bookshelves were and we gave away the fish tank. This left me with a glorious new space to decorate and furnish and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

We ended up at IKEA and four bookcases, two glassdoors, and a dresser later, my car looked like this:


We may have been a little overambitious in our shopping and even had to tie down the trunk in order to make it home with everything in tact. I definitely had a panic attack on the drive home as I imagined all my precious boxes strewn across the highway. Thankfully, we made it back OK and the next day we got the work assembling our loot.

We put together all four of the bookcases and arranged them and rearranged them until we had them where we liked them. Here is our final product:



I think I am in love! 

Hoping to finally make progress in the guest rooms this weekend. Let’s see if that actually happens. My deadline for the guest rooms is the end of March so I need to get started pretty soon! Can’t wait to share progress as we go!

Cheers to the upcoming weekend!



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