Hours 35-36: Drooling over drop-leafs

Ever since spotting this picture on pinterest I’ve been obsessing over the whole drop-leaf table look.


I was especially digging the round drop leaf table, so I began to browse my usual sources (craigslist, ikea, target, walmart, etc.). Today I found this picture on craigslist and fell in love:


It looked big enough to cater to a large family gathering when needed but could be kept against the wall with one of the drop leafs down for everyday use. Round drop leaf tables this size are nearly impossible to find (Most are 42′). Nate and I jumped in the car and headed out to the thrift store where the table was being kept.

On the way over to the store I giddily clapped my hands and daydreamed about all the wonderful family memories to be had around this table of my dreams. When we entered the store I pretended to look at other things and then casually asked about the table. I held my breath and asked if they were willing to sell just the table. The answer: “No, it’s being sold as the set.” My heart dropped as the owner went on to tell me that the set was some well known manufacturer that should be selling for double their asking price. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved the table, but their asking price was a little steep for a cheapskate like myself and I had no interest in the chairs as nice as they were. With my dreams shattered, we headed out and decided to stop by one more thrift shop in the area.

That’s when we spotted this beauty at the front of the store:


Although it wasn’t round, it still met my drop-leaf requirement and would open up to a nice size for family gatherings.


The price was right but I wanted to check the measurements just in case. Nate and I headed back and measured things out. The measurements seemed to work so I called the store to give them my offer. Luckily, they accepted my lower offer and even delivered the table free of charge.

Here she is with her temporary arrangement of chairs:


The dining area feels so much more spacious and I may or may not pet her on my way from the kitchen to the bedroom. Needless to say, I am in love. Since the current chairs will be sold along with the old dining table I needed to figure out what would work in the chairs department. Looking through the usual suspects I only managed to find the same old usual, boring dining chairs. Finally, I stumbled onto overstock.com and found these beauties with great reviews:


I briefly debated between silver and this darker color before pulling the trigger on the ones above. They were a great price for a set of four. Oh, and did I mention they’re stackable! Can’t wait to get them home!

Cheers to some dining updates!


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