Hours 28-34: Playing Catch Up

Well, I am officially behind on my posting. I totally blame work. Things should get better after February. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. The following account will not equal seven hours by a long shot. But I am doing my best and will record the good and the bad throughout the year. 

Guest Room Colors– I have been brainstorming a color scheme for the textiles that I plan on bringing into the room. It has not been an easy task, since we chose such bold colors for the wall. So far I am sticking to bright white, with some pops of green and yellow. 

As far as the furniture department goes, I am still pining for the IKEA hemnes bedroom series, but am also searching craigslist on a daily basis in the hopes that I may find some fantastic wood dresser for a great price.

Front Yard- 


We were lucky enough to inherit three beautiful oak trees in the front yard. The other day I had a tree service come by to give me an estimate on trimming the trees. We knew that our trees had mistletoe (a parasite for trees) but didn’t realize how advanced it had become. Right now it looks like my entire tax return will be put towards the beautification of our trees.

Community Yard Sale- Saturday (2/2) was our annual community garage sale. I took a drive around the neighborhood and snagged a couple of items. Check out what I scored for a total of $6.


The three plates are for my future wall plate collection for the dining room. I couldn’t resist the cute “vintage looking” lamp, and the mirror will be my next spray paint project. 

Can’t believe January is already over! Cheers to upcoming February house projects.

As a side note, one of the perks of living in Florida is being able to see rocket launches like this one, which occurred on January 3oth:



The tiny speck above the tree is the rocket. 


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