Hours 22-24: Seriously Slacking

Hour #22- Half day at work so I was able to touch up a lot of the white sections and trim in the guest room.

Hour #23- Nate replaced all of the beige outlets and covers with white ones. (Wish I would’ve snapped a picture of the difference, but he had already finished once I got home from work.)

Hour #24- Here is where my slacking comes into play. Lately I have been extremely stressed with work related issues. I have major work projects that need to be completed ASAP and I am not finding it possible to squeeze in my desired “hour” of house projects. It hasn’t even been a month into my New Year’s resolution and I already feel like I am failing. I am trying not to beat myself up over it as I know we have already accomplished so much. There is just so much more I want to do and so little time! Hoping to get out of this slump soon.

This weekend the plan is to snag a new bed from Big Lots during their 20% off sale. Hoping it all works out! Nate found a bed frame in the attic and it just so happens to fit a Full or Queen! Very happy that we won’t have to spend money on a frame and I am still deciding whether or not I want to make a headboard.

Cheers to hours 22-24!


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