Hour #21- Mission Impossible

Today we spent the majority of the day on the hunt for a guest bed. Spoiler alert: we didn’t find one. I’ve searched high and low on craigslist and have come up short every time, so we decided to explore some places around town for other options.

Stop #1- Furniture Plus (local): Way overpriced! Really ugly, gaudy bed frames.

Stop #2- Beds, Bed, Beds: No longer in business

Stop #3- Target: I know they don’t have beds but I wanted to browse the home decor section, Nate was excited about this stop. He made sure to shout out in horror the price of everything I looked at as in, “That mirror is FIFTY BUCKS!!!” Never taking him to look at home decor ever again!

Stop #4- Big Lots: We saw on their web site that they had a full mattress and box spring set for $269. Of course, it is an in store price only and they only had queen mattresses available.

Stop #5- Target (a different one, next to Big Lots): This Target was extremely desolate as we came to find out that the store was closing. I did manage to snag this sweet mirror on sale.


I am loving the octagon shape!

Stop #6- Pollo Tropical (LUNCH)

Stop #7- Good Will: NOTHING

At this point I could hear Nate muttering to himself “one more, I can do it.” 🙂

Stop #8- Five Points Auction: Full Set for $289

After eight stops I knew I had pushed Nate to his limit and we headed home sans a guest bed. Oh Well, hoping we will find something soon! I am ready to be done with this room already!

Cheers to Hour #21

Obligatory Cat Photo of the Day:



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