Hour #14- Clean Colors

Today I managed to steam clean the freshly laid laminate floors and make some final decisions in the color department.

If you don’t care to hear me rave about my new steam cleaner then you should probably skip down a few photos.

Alright, so I received my hoover twin tank steam mop as a Christmas gift this year and I am absolutely in lurve!

This is how I feel when I am steam cleaning my floors with this guy:


So needless to say, I use it any chance I get. Today I really felt that the new floors in the guest room needed a good cleaning 🙂

I took a before and after picture of the floors because I was curious if I could actually see a difference. I’ll let you be the judge.

Here’s before:


And after:


I also tried to get some steam action for you but it didn’t quite work out.


One of my favorite things about this mop is that after I’m done I just simply toss the dirty steam mop pad into the dirty laundry and it gets cleaned with the next load of laundry. I just love that it uses reusable pads!


Ok, I’m officially done expressing my love for my steam mop. Let’s get back to business.

I have officially narrowed down my color choices for the room. Tomorrow, when we pick up our board and batton supplies I also plan on picking up a few paint samples to test on the wall. Here are my official nominees:

1.) Nimbus Gray by Benjamin Moore


2.) Bedford Gray by Martha Stewart


3.) Evening Dove by Benjamin Moore


4.) Schoolhouse slate by Martha Stewart


5) Kerry Blue Terrier by Martha Stewart


I currently have three of these colors taped up to my wall, so I’m interested to see how the samples will look.


From left to right is schoolhouse slate, bedford gray, and kerry blue terrier.

Cheers to hour #13 and narrowing down my paint colors!


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