Hour #12- Successful Saturday

I am happy to report that the new flooring is finally down in the guest room!


Isn’t it pretty? I absolutely love it! We used the same laminate flooring that was put down in the rest of the house back in June of 2012. The laminate was purchased from builddirect.com and is Lamton Nevada Oak (.89/sq ft).

Here are the progress shots from today:


Underlayment is down.


Closet area minus shelving and some trim.


Almost done.


Finished product!


Closet area


Window wall with my paint chips.


Transition piece between the room and hallway.

Next up: board and batton walls and paint!

I am still majorly undecided on a paint color so I will have to consult my design books and get some samples for the walls. We still have some time before we have to worry about the color but I would like to see some samples on the wall before making any final decisions.

Chloe and her bear seem to be enjoying the carpet scraps from the room.


Meanwhile, Starbuck is plotting some sort of attack.


Cheers to hour #12!


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