Hour #11- Colors and closet prep

After a very long day (and week for that matter), Nate treated me to our favorite little Italian place in town. Here he is looking as cute as can be even with his “I’m not amused” face.


After dinner I dragged him to home depot so I could pick up some gripper primer for the closet trim.



This is what I plan on using tomorrow when I tackle painting the closet trim.

Before calling it a day, I wiped the trim with a liquid deglosser to help with the prep process. 



While wiping down the sides I realized that I may need to have the shelf taken out in order to be able to properly paint all of the inside trim.



At least the closet is prepped and ready for a nice coat of white paint!



Speaking of paint. I also taped up a couple of paint swatches to the wall. I am thinking that I want a dark, cozy color for our guests to enjoy. Since half the wall will be white board and batten I think that a dark color would be a nice contrast and not too overwhelming.



Hoping to accomplish the trim and floors this weekend. Cheers to hour 11!


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