Hour #8- Torpid Tuesday

Today was rough. I am finding it difficult to get back into the routine of the work week and ended up hitting my snooze button more than usual. 

After getting home I was extremely tempted to head straight to bed. Thankfully I resisted temptation and headed into the guest room to get started with my “hour.”

Today I spent my time ripping up the carpet, which took all of five minutes, and pulling up the tack strips.

Here is the guest room as I left it yesterday


As you can see, we had already removed the baseboards so it was extremely easy to pull up the carpet. If I can do it than anyone can! I just used a boxcutter to separate the carpet in the closet from the rest of the room. Once that was done I just pulled the carpet up from each tack strip and folded it into the middle of the room (to be removed later). Once the carpet was pulled up I was left with those tack strips running the perimeter of the floor:


Nate showed me how to shimmy the crow bar under each nail and then hammer the end until the nail popped up. There were a substantial amount of nails in each tack strip and it took me the remainder of my hour to pull them from the floor. Unlike yesterday, Nate ended up leaving for the gym and I completed the entire room myself. 



I managed to work up a sweat with this activity and it definitely knocked me out of my sluggish state. Completing this task gave me a whole new appreciation for Nate, who removed the tack strips that were throughout the house when we replaced most of the carpets last June. Image

Here he is removing the baseboards and tack strips back in June of 2012, about a month and a half after we moved into the house.

After all the tack strips were removed, I was happy to call it a day and jump in the shower. Here is the guest room in its current state:



I am definitely going to be sore tomorrow! 


Cheers to completing hour #8!


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