Hour #7- Making the most of a Monday

Today was back to work day after my lovely, long, two week winter vacation. Thankfully, it was a pretty easy transition back for me, but I was definitely anxious to get home and see how this whole resolution would work for me during a regular work day.

I am happy to say that completing my resolution today was surprisingly easy! I found myself to be much more productive and efficient in managing my time when I knew that I would have to devote an hour to completing a major task in the house.

After getting home around 5, I started dinner while simultaneously plotting my plan of attack for the guest room. I decided that I would devote today’s hour to clearing out the room. I began moving things into the office room while keeping an eye on dinner. I managed to move everything (except the bed frame) out of the room in about 30 minutes. At this point dinner was done and I took a break to eat with Nate and even took a quick glance at daily blogs before proceeding.

After eating, I casually asked Nate if he could show me how to take apart the daybed frame. Poor guy has had to take apart/put it back together at least eight times since we’ve been together. Thankfully, his “showing” me how to take it apart turned in to him actually taking the entire thing down (insert evil laugh). Together, we deconstructed the bed and moved several pieces into the sun room. I was also able to move all of the baseboards into the sun room as the final minutes in my hour were ticking down.

I love having my hour time limit as it gives me enough time to get something done, however, it’s not enough to wear me out or take away from my precious 10 pm bedtime (yes, I know I am an old lady). Plus, I find that if I spend too much time at once on a project I tend to get lazy and make short cuts that end up with less than stellar results.

Check out what I was able to accomplish today:

Guest Bedroom #1 Before:


Guest Bedroom #1 After today’s hour:





Yep, those are mallards on the fan light. It even says “Mallard” on it in case you didn’t know what animal it was. Don’t worry, the same pattern is repeated on the other side so that you have a view of the ducks no matter where you stand in the room.

Of course, now that this room is all cleared out, my office looks like this:


Things always get worse before they get better right? Cheers to hour #7 and making it through Monday!


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