January 6th- Hour #6 (Part 1)

Today I spent the majority of the day preparing myself for back to work tomorrow. Already feeling apprehensive and stressed, I can tell that accomplishing my new year’s task is going to be an uphill battle. Am I the only one that comes home from work completely mentally exhausted, yearning for food, a shower, and bed? This week will be the true test for me.

Today’s “hour” was spent creating lists or planning. I asked Nate for some ideas of projects that I could accomplish without his help,which I am realizing are few and far between, and his response was “Well I guess just planning everything out.” I tend to think that planning would be cheating and shouldn’t be counted in my daily hours, but I guess he’s right (he usually is). I really shouldn’t jump into things and then step back and realize that whatever I did doesn’t fit in with the overall picture. How many times have I made an impulse buy because it was such a great deal, only to realize that I absolutely hate it? So, I guess I am convinced that planning is not really cheating in this endeavor. Thanks babe!

Today’s list is an overall look at the MAJOR projects in store for me. I listed them in the order I would like to have them accomplished.

1) Guest Bedrooms #1 & #2

2) Guest Bathroom

3) Kitchen & Pantry

4) Sun room

5) Family Room

6) Dining Room/formal sitting area/library nook

7) Master (including bathroom and closet)

8) Laundry Room/Garage

9) Curb Appeal/Landscaping

10) Complete fencing around property

Obviously I know that a list like this is not written in stone. However, the guest rooms and bathrooms are at the top of my list as I want them to be ready when my parents come to visit (possibly Spring Break and definitely during the Summer).

There’s my list. I’ll be back with a few ideas for Guest Bedroom #1, since this list definitely did not take the full hour. (No cheating here!)


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