January 5th- Hour #5

Today’s hour extended throughout the day, although most of my time spent was taking care of household cleaning and chores. Some things I crossed off my list:

1) Laundry

2) Grocery Shopping

3) Deep Clean of Bathroom/shower

4) Vacuum and steam clean most floors

5) Finish painting that dang good will mirror

6) Rearrange the couch to see if my layout will work

7) Make ginger cookies (mix was 70% off at Target)

Things I learned:

-Always change out of your good clothes when spray painting

-Lemon furniture polish removes soap scum on a shower door fairly well

– Using a toothbrush works wonders in cleaning the tiny, nasty, disgusting crevices within the shower door.

-My layout for the family room will not work unless we get a different couch and coffee table.

-I am officially in love with my new steam mop!


Seriously, this thing is amazing. As in I have dreams about steam mopping my floors.

As for #5, I can finally say that this project is complete! Here is my finished mirror:


It’s come along way since its Good Will days:


I think it may replace my window mirror in the entry, but I am still not 100% sure.

Speaking of the entry, I finally got around to touching up those spackle spots on the wall, and once Nate gets around to replacing the base boards we can check this project off of our list! BTW the entryway is tempting me to put up board and batten throughout the house. It definitely makes the wall seem so much more formal and classy.


One day left before my vacation officially ends! Time for me to eat all the ginger cookies to make me feel better! 🙂


Cheers to hour #5!


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