Fruit Fly Trap

We’ve all seen those homemade fruit fly traps on Pinterest and in the blog world. I even “pinned” one version onto one of my boards. However, I’ve never really had a reason to use this diy fruit fly trap…until recently. They seemed to come out of nowhere and everywhere I turned I seemed to be swatting a fruit fly away (Dis-gus-ting!). I had had enough and turned to one of my handy dandy pinterest boards for a solution. There are several different versions of the fruit fly tap so I combined different ideas and it worked like a charm!


Here’s my ghetto version lol.

I filled a mason jar with a little apple cider vinegar, a drop of dishwashing detergent, and a couple apple slices. I then created a cone and taped it in place with some painters tape. I didn’t want those buggers to have any chance of escape. This picture was taken a few minutes after I put the trap together and you can see that I’ve already caught several. Apparently, the apple cider vinegar attracts the fruit fly in and then the drop of soap makes the surface tension impossible for them to fly away. Pretty neat!

Here’s the jar after a couple days:


It’s hard to tell but I counted over forty of them dead in there. Fruit Fly problem solved!


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