Brain Dump

Last night before bed my mind was swirling with all things decor. I mentally rearranged and redecorated several areas of the house. When I woke up this morning I needed a way to save my ideas before they drifted off into the abyss of my terrible memory. I grabbed a notebook and began to sketch. No, I am not adept at sketching in any way. (You were warned!)

Formal Sitting Room:

Sitting Room_Z


Library Nook (Same room as formal sitting area):

Sitting Room Library


Dining Room Wall (Just off sitting room)

Dining Room_Z


Family Room- Fish Tank Wall (This room is past the kitchen)

Family Room Fish Tank Wall_Z


Overall Family Room Layout (From above)

Family Room Layout



So that’s my design brain dump. At least now I have a better idea of what pieces we will need. Maybe I will move some furniture around today to see if these designs would even work before I start purchasing items.

On a sad note, Nate woke up today to find that his salt water tank may be crashing. He found many of his beloved fish dead and the ones still alive would not eat. He had to leave for work so there wasn’t much he could do to remedy the situation. I feel bad for him, as much as I hate fish tanks I know this one has been his baby and main hobby. Hoping his fish tank will be able to recover, otherwise I am going to have one depressed man on my hands. 😦



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