January 2nd- Hour #2

Today’s hour was a hodgepodge of mini projects.

First, I started out the day with a quick trip to Good Will. Apparently this is the time to go as they were bursting at the seams with new stuff/junk. I guess everyone is making room for their new Christmas presents? Not sure. Either way, it worked in my favor as I immediately snatched this guy up. I think it has a nice chevron vibe and a new paint job could do it wonders and get rid of the orangey tint.


While I was there I also snagged these guys:


I think they will look great above the new board and batten in the entryway.

After bringing home my loot, Nate and I took a quick trip to Home Depot and then got to work on a few finishing touches. Nate filled in the gaps in the board and batten with some caulk, hung three more coat hooks, and switched out the old beige outlet and cover with a nice clean white one. Check out his handy work:


While Nate was making those finishing touches, I started my work on my chrevron-y mirror project. I filled the sides with spackle since there were quite a few gaps and I prepped the mirror section for the painting process.



Tomorrow will be a day full of sanding, painting, and hopefully some organizing! Cheers to day two! Hoping I can keep up this resolution when I return to work on Monday January 7th! 


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