Thrift store treasures

I love checking out thrift stores for the one of a kind decor and furniture that you can’t find anywhere else. I also love the fact that the finds are cheap and can easily be given new life with a simple cleaning or coat of paint. 

One night I had a dream in which GoodWill turned into a super store with tons of treasures and I couldn’t put things in my cart fast enough. The next morning I told Nate that we had to go to GoodWill because of my dream. After he teased me about dreaming about GoodWill (who does that?) we made our way over just to check things out.

That’s when I spotted this guy:



My dream didn’t let me down. Here’s my treasure with a fresh coat of white spray paint.


Take a look a the little guy in the bottom left of the above picture. He’s another GoodWill find that received a fresh coat of cheery yellow paint.

Here he is before:



And after:


Love my thrift store finds! 


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